Youth Development

  • Increasing access to Education particularly in rural areas, empower the youth with knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the 21st c post pandemic job market

  • Enhancing Vocational training

  • Encouraging entrepreneurship by helping the young people to create their own jobs to drive economic growth

  • Invest in modern infrastructure such as providing internet connectivity, pathways or other infrastructure critical for their development or providing solutions to any challenges they face

  • Encouraging gender equality

  • Fastening innovation, encouraging creativity and supporting the innovations among the youth can lead to widen-up the knowledge and new technologies that can transform nation’s economy

  • Promote health and well-being by providing health care, nutrition and information on healthy life style choices to establish an efficient workforce

  • Encouraging social responsibility by participating in community-based programs that build social and human capital, enable them to build their skills, learn about new opportunities and develop positive relationships with their peers and communities

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