Ethertzra International Private Limited

  • Introducing Ethertzra International Pvt. Ltd., a dynamic startup dedicated to enhancing the potential of individuals and fostering progress. We bring together a diverse group of professionals from various fields, including academia, government, science, medicine, finance, media, business, agriculture, and arts. Led by esteemed Dr. D. Srinivasan (Retd. IAS), our headquarters is located in Coimbatore and Bengaluru.

  • At Ethertzra International, we offer a comprehensive range of services aimed at empowering individuals, groups, and organizations by boosting their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

  • Our Vision

    • We strive to build a strong nation that contributes to a better world for future generations. By bridging gaps, fostering connections, and responsibly addressing societal needs, we aim to transform individuals into global leaders.

    Our Mission

    • With our team of expert professionals, we provide tailored training and development solutions that empower individuals to navigate both internal and external environments. By equipping individuals with contemporary technological knowledge and skills, we aim to contribute to the nation-building process. Our special focus is on maximizing the potential of youth, as they are the nation's demographic dividend.

    Our Core Values

    • At Ethertzra International, we uphold values that include respect for human rights, dignity, and universal principles. We emphasize equality, integrity, transparency, accountability, synergy with other organizations, value creation for stakeholders, quality, innovation, competitiveness, sustainability, social responsibility, and the cultivation of intelligence, talents, ideas, strengths, positive attitudes, confidence, and skills.

    Our Goals

    • We prioritize social responsibility and collaborate to develop services and products that have a positive impact on society. By investing in sustainability efforts, addressing social inequality, and prioritizing holistic health and wellness, we strive to make a tangible, positive difference in the world. We also invest in young minds, nurturing them to become global leaders who shape the future.

    About the Name "Ethertzra"

    • Derived from ancient languages, "Ethertzra" represents the life cycle of our natural environment. It symbolizes the three powerful elements - "Earth, Soil, and Seed." Pronounced as ETH-ER (silent T) - ZRA, the name embodies our commitment to nurturing growth and development.

Board of Directors

    • He has devoted himself to advocating multi-dimensional approaches to sustainable development that embrace culture-sensitive approaches towards equity, social justice and human rights in a range of seemingly unrelated spheres for well over two decades as a documentary maker, cultural activist, educator, facilitator, and independent expert. His work of the last decade in an independent capacity and through Inter Cultural Dialogue & Exchange - India has impacted development process of local to global organizations, institutions and agencies. He works with a Vision to see Peace in this world, Mission to END Human Trafficking and Combat Climate Change in his lifetime. He has rich experience in IVS, Inter Cultural Dialogue & Exchange & ICDE.

    • He is a former Head in the Department of Visual Communication (UG/PG), organized various National, International Seminars and Workshops and did research works on Cultural Studies. Owned a studio to promote budding singers and musicians, created documentaries on social issues and produced magazines and books to create awareness in the society on various relevant issues. He is an active Citizen Journalist, Educator, Media Professional with keen interest in Environmental and Sustainable Developmental practices. Throughout his long career as a student, Professor of Mass communication and Visual communication he has involved himself in environmental issues, human rights & cultural activism in local, national and international arena. Through his rich experience in the above areas of work, he has in-depth knowledge of the plight challenges and reality of the grass root level in current situation. Moreover, he always works towards to make a peaceful and equitable world and a strong nation.  

    • Dr. D. Srinivasan IAS (Retd. Defence Secretary, Government of India) Founder & Vice-Chancellor: North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong, Meghalaya, and Sikkim Central University, Gangtok

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